The logo for the gas station Wawa

We live just outside Atlanta, Georgia, but spend about a month or so each year in Florida. One of my favorite stores down there is Wawa. I am trying to understand how we don't have them all over Atlanta. If you have never been in one, I don't know how to describe other than take the service level of a Chick-Fil-A and put it into a gas station/convenience store setup. They are clean, the staff is friendly, and they have certain things that make you know it's a Wawa. I always like the security person who is usually always on staff; there is generally at least two registers open, and, to a geek like me leagues above other convenience stores in the ordering and payment tech.

Having lived in Atlanta my whole life, gas stations are just stopping points during the day to refill on gas. Usually, it is paid for at the pump, and you go about your day, but my opinion on them changed when we went to Reykjavik last year. We usually ate dinner at a restaurant at night, but before that, we would hit a convenience store during the day. Most of them were 10/11 stores, but I began to see ( as someone who never lived downtown ) how integral to a community something like a Bodega can be for walkable communities. Having never really lived in one, I never understood the need for quick access to food, sometimes daily.

Last night while browsing my YT subs, I saw that Company Man ( an excellent channel ) did a video yesterday on Wawa. Great watch: