Last 7 Reads ( 9/06/2023 )

[📖] Sleuths have wondered for years who made a striking cover for Madeleine L’Engle’s novel. A podcast host and a blog writer who contacted hundreds of people figured it out.

[🪸] The first of two railcars bound for the Reef Project is scheduled to depart Thursday morning for the Georgia coast from MARTA’s South Yard in College Park.

[🍅] The writer of a negative review says that Bunker 15 lobbied them to change it; if the critic wanted to “give it a (barely) overall positive then I do know the editors at Rotten Tomatoes and can get it switched,” a Bunker 15 employee wrote.

[☄️] Comet Nishimura was discovered only in August but will be closest to Earth in a week’s time – just before dawn on Tuesday 12 September.

[📊] It turns out that the fastest a human being has ever traveled was 39,897 kilometers per hour. That was the crew of the Apollo 10 mission returning to earth. That happened on 26 May, 1969.

[📺] In May, Disney+ announced a content removal plan designed to cut US$1.5bn worth of content, meaning it substantially reduces the company’s value, giving it a lot less tax to pay.

[🤖] What will happen to AI is boring old capitalism. Its staying power will come in the form of replacing competent, expensive humans with crappy, cheap robots.