Last 7 Reads ( 8/16/2023 )

[📊] PowerPoint had become shorthand for the stupefying indignities of office life—a 2001 New Yorker profile summed it up as “software you impose on other people.”

[🏰] Disney is, from this point forward, not much different than Taylor Swift: sure, there is money to be made (hopefully) in areas like streaming, but the real durable value and outsized profits will come from real life experiences.

[🌺] Rumours have spread of estate agents approaching Hawaiian property owners in Lahaina, asking about possible deals.

[🐖] His Preface, “The Freedom of the Press,” was omitted from the first edition of the book, then disappeared, and was not rediscovered until 1971.

[🌵] The wells didn’t just provide water for the donkeys and horses, but were also used by more than 57 other species, including numerous birds, other herbivores such as mule deer, and even mountain lions.

[🍗] “You know, that company is just too big to control now,” he said, “I'm sorry I sold it back in 1964. It would have been smaller now, but a lot better. People see me up there doing those commercials and they wonder how I could ever let such products bear my name. It's downright .embarrassing.”

[🚢] Last week canal administrator Ricaurte Vásquez called the situation “unusually severe” and warned that “significant restrictions” would remain in place until September next year.