Last 7 Reads ( 8/2/2023 )

[🍑] "Dali wanted more but some of his ideas were censored. He complained about limits on his ambitions in the document Declaration of the Independence of the Imagination and the Rights of Man to His Own Madness"

[🍺] "When this is done we see that consumption of pure alcohol was at least 2-4 times higher in the past."

[🍽️] "About an hour and a half separates the earliest eating state from the latest."

[🕹️] "Released in 1983, it was felt that Discs of Tron could stand as its own game, and is the rarer of the two. The game was released as what’s known as an ‘environmental’ cabinet, designed to immerse the player literally ‘inside’ the action."

[🏌️] "Golfers are playing more golf on weekdays, for example 143% more on Wednesday in 2022 vs 2019"

[🏭] "The Process of Mass-producing Rubber Bands. A Rubber Band Manufacturing Factory in Japan"

[🚗] "The car manufacturers got so desperate for chips that they started buying up washing machines for the microchips in them, extracting the chips and discarding the washing machines like some absurdo-dystopian cyberpunk walnut-shelling machine"