Dave The Diver

An AI generated pictured of a surf / tiki bar that does not exist

About two weeks ago, I came across this random game on Steam called Dave The Diver. I had never heard of it, but it piqued my interest because of the diving aspect of it, and I freely admit I sometimes enjoy a simple game of Cooking Mama. I watched the trailer and thought it had some, frankly, weird aspects to the game:

Then I saw a buddy of mine paying on Discord one day and asked him how he liked it, and he was beaming about it, which was a good thing because he usually likes those non-shooters that I dig to destress ( Stardew, etc.). So I decided to snag it.

The game is astonishing because it has an enormous main storyline that paces well.

The whole lost civilization thing fits in well with the overall RPG story. The most exciting thing about the game is how well the mini-games fit into the game so well that you don't believe you are just playing this wide variety of core games, but you are playing mini-games that mean something in the sense of the story. It is really well put together and cohesive.

If I get into it anymore, it will ruin the story; try it. It's only $20, and MintRocket did a hell of a job for only charging that much.

Steam: Dave The Diver