Things I read while I drank coffee this morning (5.1)

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Three Second and Second Course edition.

Impossible Meats

Look at what has happened to milk, says Beyond Meat’s prospectus. Non-dairy versions made from almonds, soya and other things are now one-eighth the size of the dairy milk market in America. Non-flesh meat could grab a similar share of the meat market, or perhaps an even larger one.

I am a big fan, and I hope they stay afloat.

Can the veggie-burger company change eating habits before it goes bust?

For years, a subculture of teenage hobbyhorse enthusiasts flourished under the radar. Now the craze is a national export, and a celebration of girlhood.

Finland’s Hobbyhorse Girls, Once a Secret Society, Now Prance in Public

Valve Index

Most consumer-grade VR headsets use a single display panel, which is then translated by a pair of large, curved lenses. The Valve Index twists this convention by using a pair of LCD panels, each sporting a 1440x1600 resolution. That doesn’t make them a combined 2880x1600 panel. Instead, the panels are physically separated, then individually angled at a roughly 5 degree angle.

I have been doing a lot of research on the Index, and the stats do appear to be best in breed. You will pay for it of course, but the biggest and most exciting thing to me is the two cameras on the front for wide field vision coupled with OpenCV which Index claims will allow the wearer to have an almost AR interface. No one seems to be describing this as a big deal though as the unit is still corded at 15 ft.

Valve Index reveal: The best of VR’s first generation—but is it worth $999?

Between 2015 and 2018, NBA officials reviewed over 1,400 games and identified 141 instances of defensive three seconds in the last 2 minutes of close games. It was called only once.

The NBA Has a Defensive Three Seconds Problem