Things I read while I drank coffee this morning (3.14)

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Avengers & Isopods edition.

Today the Avenger’s End Game trailer came out today and honestly I am not sure which I found blander, this trailer or the Dark Phoenix (X-Men trailer). I don’t think we are near the end of the comic book to movie ride in any way, I still love the MCU and honestly eager to see where Disney heads after the Fox pickup and alignment. The End Game trailer just seemed to be about 50% shots of the previous film with that maroon and black and white hue. The other scenes (the ones from End Game) don’t look to be anything new, just the same scenes with new CGI (those are cool suits). As for a trailer, it didn’t convey the feeling of what I should expect from the movie very well to me. Maybe they are just being overly cautious with spoiling anything. We shall see.

Also, it looks like DBM is going to have an issue dedicated to the film too. I went ahead and preordered.

I have curtailed my Twitter use a bit but still keep up with some of my art feeds via Feedbin, and this is an amazingly odd piece.

Scientists are dropping dead alligators into the darkest depths of the Gulf to see what bites

Cool read about what happens at the darkest depths of the ocean. Holy shiznit those trilobites. You would think with the vast span of the sea that even with tons of seafaring animals dying each day that food would be hard to come by but look at the sizes of those things. They eat well. It seems like those things range from 500ft to about 2000ft in the Sublittoral zone which never touches the atmosphere, but not as deep as going off the Continental Shelf.

Picture of Deep Sea Isopod