Things I read while I drank coffee this morning (7.7)

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Use of Wolfram Alpha is difficult to trace, and in the hands of ambitious students, its perfect solutions are having unexpected consequences. It works by breaking down the pieces of a question, whether a mathematical problem or something like “What is the center of the United States?”, and then cross-referencing those pieces against an enormous library of datasets that is constantly being expanded. These datasets include information on geodesic schemes, chemical compounds, human genes, historical weather measurements, and thousands of other topics that, when brought together, can be used to provide answers.

I bought Stephen Wolfram’s A New Kind of Science about 10 years ago and it still sits on my shelf. Huge tome. Never read. Neat to see his ideas starting to come together with enough data.

A.I. is making it extremely easy for students to cheat

If you want to talk about the history of immigration in America, or urbanization or the expansion of transportation networks, really any subject that you want to explore, you can talk about it through beer

How The Story Of Beer Is The Story Of America

A Japanese approach to watchmaking, executed by hand.

Simply amazing and beautiful work on the watches and the photography set on this.

Portrait: Masahiro Kikuno, Japanese Independent Watchmaker