Things I read/saw while I drank coffee this morning (2.13)

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I am very excited for the live action version of Ghost In The Shell. Based on this latest trailer it might not be a 1:1 of the original movie but also integrate some parts of the Standalone Complex.

The primates that ventured down out of the trees got access to a brand-new food source. “If you can smell the alcohol and get to the fruit faster, you have an advantage,” Dudley says. “You defeat the competition and get more calories.” The ones that stuffed themselves were the most likely to succeed at reproduction—and to experience (while eating) a gentle rush of pleasure in the brain. That buzz reinforced the appeal of the new lifestyle.

Great long form read in this month’s National Geographic on Alchohol and how we are genetically primed for it and also how damn old it is.

Our 9,000-Year Love Affair With Booze

” From tweaking algorithms to stepping up notifications to endlessly scrolling feeds, technology has turned human distraction into its metric of profit.”

Good read on how some old media brands ($DIS) are navigating the new attention economy.

The battle for consumers’ attention

Two interesting maps from @AEI