Things I read while I drank coffee this morning (8.23)

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Discussion with Treeline Cheese & Beyond Meat

Material World: The Future of Vegan Food Is Here, and It’s Not Gross

“These lenses could be used for seeing and viewing previously ‘invisible’ structures, including engineered nano-structures and biological micro-structures as well as, potentially, native germs and viruses,” he said.”

Spider silk helps creates microscope superlens

“User research finds that tightly integrated services with a wide-ranging set of convenient features, accessed through a simple and unified design, are the reason Chinese users use WeChat so much. They do so mainly through traditional GUI interactions, not a “conversational user interface,” despite the hype.”

WeChat’s integration with the browser is what seems to keep it King in Chinese Chat apps.

WeChat: China’s Integrated Internet User Experience

Convention of the States is starting to gain some real traction. Would be amazing to see the states attempt to take back power from DC. If they could get the 3/4ths vote on some issues it would be something pretty much unheard of. -E

Inside the Conservative Push for States to Amend the Constitution