Things I read while I drank coffee this morning (10.14)

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Emergency Drinking Beer Can

“We based the packaging on government-issued military supply from the 1950s”

A group of work friends and I were discussing this packaging the other day. Great read on Alvin Diec.

The Brand Man: Meet Atlanta restaurateurs’ best-kept secret

“Even when you include poor and middle-income countries, low back and neck pain went from ranking 12th as a cause of DALYs globally in 1990 to ranking fourth in 2015, the most recent year.”

How Back Pain Took Over the World

Barack Obama, Neural Nets, Self-Driving Cars, and the Future of the World

I am going to be bummed seeing President Obama exit the Whitehouse when it comes to tech matters. He has a lot of the underpinnings of complicated technical problems understood. Way more understanding than the current two ‘private email/I’m the best at cyber’ candidates. I hope some of his retired time is spent helping these problems as a liaison for the government.

Return to the Teenage Brain

Fascinating read on increasing neuroplasticity in the brain with valproic acid.

Creating a Pastry Chef From Scratch

I think being a pastry chef is a very entrepreneurial job which stifles wages and that isn’t touched on in this article, but good read none the less. Also bonus point for that pun in the last sentence.