Things I read while I drank coffee this morning (8.24)

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What is Africa’s “Great Green Wall”?

Whoops, It’s 2016 and I Just Got Obsessed With Magic: The Gathering

Awesome Dustin pic.

Alas, the Sunrise App’s Dead—But Try These 7 Other Calendars I was a huge Sunrise fan, stinks no longer available. I have been trying Fantastical (iOS version - mentioned in article) lately and I like it so far.

Communicating Animation

“The Brit was Tom Parker Bowles, the son of Camilla, (now) duchess of Cornwall. Parker Bowles, a prominent food writer, was on a research trip for his book, The Year of Eating Dangerously: A Global Adventure in Search of Culinary Extremes. He got what he wanted, and he loved his first bite. Then it started to hurt. Then came the tears. Bowles would dedicate two pages in his book to describing the misery the Prince’s extra-hot chicken put him through. “The only thing willing me on is pure, pig-headed pride,” Bowles wrote. “Each mouthful becomes more and more painful and numbing until I’m uncertain as to whether I’m swallowing my saliva or just dribbling it out of my mouth.””

The Burning Desire for Hot Chicken

And as always, Bourdain on point (at least in my experience):

Hard to believe Band of Brothers is 15 years old. Such an amazing series, and the best thing HBO has ever put out (and that says a lot). I try to watch once a year sometime around Memorial Day. Amazing men.