The Books That Shaped America

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I am venturing into a new project, and I am going to use this space to keep up with it. I found a great list of books - some of which I have read, others I have not - that “helped shape America.” I think this list appealed to me because of the breadth of types of books on it. At first glance, I saw everything from poetry (Leaves of Grass - Whitman) to classic Sci-Fi (Dune- Herbert) and tons of classics stuck in the middle that I have wanted to read for awhile.

So I have decided to take this list and cram it into my “To Read” list on Wunderlist and roll a random 1-65 dice (via to see what book I get from the list and then read it in its entirety and report back here when I am done with each read. I don’t know if I will write full reviews on the books or just my interpretation of and why it probably did or did not shape the America of today in any way. We shall see what I come up with.

So onto book one:

which has determined (no Whammys, no Whammys) my first read to be:

“The Sun Also Rises” by Ernest Hemmingway it is.

Stay Tuned.