Things I read while I drank coffee this morning (7.30)

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Ships and Rocinante edition.

Very cool and handy visualizations for planning a visit to a U.S. National Park.

A night under the stars : A look at overnight stays at US National Parks

So happy that Bezos and Co. rescued this show. Sounds like they have already signed up for everyone to do a Season 5 also. Excited for Decemeber.

*When shown that searches by The Times for three top American generals on Facebook and Instagram had yielded more than 120 impersonators, Ms. Joiner said it was “disturbing.” She said she did not know why the fakes were not eradicated.

“I mean, the numbers are astounding,” she said.*

Facebook Connected Her to a Tattooed Soldier in Iraq. Or So She Thought.

Aamzing 3D pictures and video of this ship.

A Shipwreck, 500 Years Old, Appears on the Baltic Seabed

So badass.