Things I read while I drank coffee this morning (5.7)

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Remote and Remote edition.

Double Jeopardy locations

I always feel like I tended to know where they most likely would be, but damn. There are some seriously heavy grid slots in there.

The Man Who Solved ‘Jeopardy!’

We are doing this to situate product development closer to our customers, improve our ability to tap the 99.74% of talented engineers living outside the metro areas of our first four hubs, and further our mission of increasing the GDP of the internet.

Stripe’s fifth engineering hub is Remote

Two things about this trailer.

1.) I’m gobsmacked that Disney is giving spoilers only two weeks after Endgame came out. They sent out a letter asking NOT to spoil the movie but only give the public two weeks before they do it? I understand these movies are on accelerated timelines, but jeez.

2.) Interesting that they put multiverse out there in front of everyone so early in this movies’ trailer. I assume that it will help introduce Fox’s ink children.

The Wandering Earth finally hit Netflix. Can’t wait to watch it soon. Looks both good and ambitious.