Things I read while I drank coffee this morning (2.7) (and other shorteners) have a new target market that should try to appeal to. The rise of the “link cleaner”.

De-anonymizing Web Browsing fsData with Social Networks

For the most part, I pretty much quit using Facebook a few years ago pretty much for how shady they seem, but some of this I wasn’t aware of. Cursor tracking, shadow profiles for kids, keystroke logging? Geez.

What should you think about when using Facebook?

We are a few years off from autonomous services doing a lot of this (Uber, Lyft). This “middle time” should be interesting still using Humans as the work horses.

People are getting sick of working in the “sharing” economy

Silicon Valley Hedge Fund Takes On Wall Street With AI Traderfs

5 Albums People Should Hear From 2016

I’ve been doing some form of variation of a top X albums each year since 2004. I used to do 25, then it slowly got down to 10. This year I am being uber lazy and I really only have 5 albums that I have really fallen in love with this year. They are not in any particular order, one not better than the other. All are great and worth a listen.

Anderson .Paak - Malibu

I don’t know how many times I have listened to this album so far this year. Goes all over the place musically, head bobbing the entire time. Been my go to coding music since release.

The Midnight - Endless Summer

Had this album on constant rotation at the beach all summer. So good. When Days of Thunder came out last year (or year before?) it got me into a synthpop groove, then I just fell in love with this album once it hit. This album is under apprecated even though I have seen it on a few lists. I hope it breaks out of the synthpop subculture and gets some serious mainstream playtime.

Halloween - Ruston Kelly

Album kinda came out of no where for me because it got suggested to me over Spotify. I rarely even listen to the suggestions, but the name of the album caught me. So glad I did. Parts dark, parts poetry, parts upbeat Coldroses era Adams. Very well made record and I am surprised I have not seen it mentioned more.

Goldroom - West of the West

Definte pop goodness. Seems to be a complication of a lot of their singles work, but it still makes a really solid album over all. Got tons of plays in singles forms and whole album listens at our house.

Westworld: Season 1 - Selections from the HBO Series

Djawadi did such a great job with Thrones soundtrack and I was really happy to hear he was going to be handling the Westworld sound context. Once that first piano started up in the opening sequence I thought oh man this is going to be good. Then interspersed all over I start to hear this jangly western versions of No Surprises, the Stones and Black Hole Sun on the first episode.

Things I read while I drank coffee this morning (11.30)

It has become cliché to observe that Americans spend more and more time watching cooking shows and less and less actually cooking.

The link in this to Pépin’s shows on GPS is great. I plan to start watching one now and then at lunch.

This Man Will Teach You How to Cook

Mr Trump, who is said not to use a personal computer


Donald Trump’s tech troubles

Economists believe in full employment. Americans think that work builds character. But what if jobs aren’t working anymore?

Interesting take. I just started Ford’s Rise of The Robots which somewhat expresses a similar sentiment from what I can tell.

Fuck work - What If Jobs Are Not The Solution But The Problem

Saturn’s largest moon might be the only place beyond Earth where humans could live

Let’s Colonize Titan

Things I read while I drank coffee this morning (10.24)

A quarter of outstanding global corporate debt, or as much as $3.4 trillion, is linked to the utility- and auto-industry bonds that rely on fossil fuel activities, the ratings agency wrote in a report published Tuesday.

It would be welcomed.

Batteries May Trip ‘Death Spiral’ in $3.4 Trillion Credit Market

Good read on staving off Alzheimer’s before its Alzheimers.

A New Tack to Stave Off Alzheimer’s Years before the First Symptom

In September one of SpaceX’s rockets exploded. So the key is to control perceptions of the distant future, in order to influence financial forecasts from banks and investors. Here Mr Musk is dazzlingly skilful. He publishes plausible “master plans” and uses shifting targets to anchor expectations.

My fascination with Musk continues. Good read on his intracompany dealings.

Elon Musk’s empire - Countdown

I remembered back in 2007 this was a big deal and I felt like Page & Brin were on the right side of the fence on this one. The market has passed them by, and users have not even blinked, so I suppose this was inevitable.

Google Has Quietly Dropped Ban on Personally Identifiable Web Tracking

Things I read while I drank coffee this morning (10.14)

Emergency Drinking Beer Can

“We based the packaging on government-issued military supply from the 1950s”

A group of work friends and I were discussing this packaging the other day. Great read on Alvin Diec.

The Brand Man: Meet Atlanta restaurateurs’ best-kept secret

“Even when you include poor and middle-income countries, low back and neck pain went from ranking 12th as a cause of DALYs globally in 1990 to ranking fourth in 2015, the most recent year.”

How Back Pain Took Over the World

Barack Obama, Neural Nets, Self-Driving Cars, and the Future of the World

I am going to be bummed seeing President Obama exit the Whitehouse when it comes to tech matters. He has a lot of the underpinnings of complicated technical problems understood. Way more understanding than the current two ‘private email/I’m the best at cyber’ candidates. I hope some of his retired time is spent helping these problems as a liaison for the government.

Return to the Teenage Brain

Fascinating read on increasing neuroplasticity in the brain with valproic acid.

Creating a Pastry Chef From Scratch

I think being a pastry chef is a very entrepreneurial job which stifles wages and that isn’t touched on in this article, but good read none the less. Also bonus point for that pun in the last sentence.