Things I read/saw while I drank coffee this morning (3.13)

The government-prepared return would estimate your taxes using information your employer and bank already send it. Advocates say tens of millions of taxpayers could use such a system each year, saving them a collective $2 billion and 225 million hours in prep costs and time, according to one estimate.

The original part of this article is an NPR report from 2013; it was updated yesterday for 2016.

How the Maker of TurboTax Fought Free, Simple Tax Filing

A must hear if you are into the advances (and mistakes) as humanity (via scientists) advance at an amazing and scary pace with CRISPR. The Radiolab recording is 3 I think in one, where the first two are reviews, and the last portion is the new update.

For this reason, I will do my best to share inspired drinks in all four parks beyond the standard sugar-water-with-a-shot. Think of me as your intoxicant informant.


I have an on and off again relationship with the Instant Pot. Sometimes we get into a mode where we make 2+ meals a week with it, other times it sits on our shelf for weeks at a time. I see the advantages of it for sure; I guess I just need to find some more recipes. Interesting read on it’s creation and cult that seems to have formed around it.

How the Instant Pot cooker developed a cult following

Things I read/saw while I drank coffee this morning (2.13)

I am very excited for the live action version of Ghost In The Shell. Based on this latest trailer it might not be a 1:1 of the original movie but also integrate some parts of the Standalone Complex.

The primates that ventured down out of the trees got access to a brand-new food source. “If you can smell the alcohol and get to the fruit faster, you have an advantage,” Dudley says. “You defeat the competition and get more calories.” The ones that stuffed themselves were the most likely to succeed at reproduction—and to experience (while eating) a gentle rush of pleasure in the brain. That buzz reinforced the appeal of the new lifestyle.

Great long form read in this month’s National Geographic on Alchohol and how we are genetically primed for it and also how damn old it is.

Our 9,000-Year Love Affair With Booze

” From tweaking algorithms to stepping up notifications to endlessly scrolling feeds, technology has turned human distraction into its metric of profit.”

Good read on how some old media brands ($DIS) are navigating the new attention economy.

The battle for consumers’ attention

Two interesting maps from @AEI


Things I read while I drank coffee this morning (2.8)

Excellent interview with @MCuban

Great read on Desktop usage drops.

Desktop dies on weekends

Bartle’s research showed that, in general, people were consistent in these preferred ways of being in online video game worlds. Regardless of the game, he found that “Socialisers,” for example, spend the majority of their time forming relationships with other players. “Achievers” meanwhile focus fully on the accumulation of status tokens (experience points, currency or, in Grand Theft Auto’s case, gleaming cars and gold-plated M16s).

How Video Games Satisfy Basic Human Needs

Things I read while I drank coffee this morning (2.7) (and other shorteners) have a new target market that should try to appeal to. The rise of the “link cleaner”.

De-anonymizing Web Browsing fsData with Social Networks

For the most part, I pretty much quit using Facebook a few years ago pretty much for how shady they seem, but some of this I wasn’t aware of. Cursor tracking, shadow profiles for kids, keystroke logging? Geez.

What should you think about when using Facebook?

We are a few years off from autonomous services doing a lot of this (Uber, Lyft). This “middle time” should be interesting still using Humans as the work horses.

People are getting sick of working in the “sharing” economy

Silicon Valley Hedge Fund Takes On Wall Street With AI Traderfs

5 Albums People Should Hear From 2016

I’ve been doing some form of variation of a top X albums each year since 2004. I used to do 25, then it slowly got down to 10. This year I am being uber lazy and I really only have 5 albums that I have really fallen in love with this year. They are not in any particular order, one not better than the other. All are great and worth a listen.

Anderson .Paak - Malibu

I don’t know how many times I have listened to this album so far this year. Goes all over the place musically, head bobbing the entire time. Been my go to coding music since release.

The Midnight - Endless Summer

Had this album on constant rotation at the beach all summer. So good. When Days of Thunder came out last year (or year before?) it got me into a synthpop groove, then I just fell in love with this album once it hit. This album is under apprecated even though I have seen it on a few lists. I hope it breaks out of the synthpop subculture and gets some serious mainstream playtime.

Halloween - Ruston Kelly

Album kinda came out of no where for me because it got suggested to me over Spotify. I rarely even listen to the suggestions, but the name of the album caught me. So glad I did. Parts dark, parts poetry, parts upbeat Coldroses era Adams. Very well made record and I am surprised I have not seen it mentioned more.

Goldroom - West of the West

Definte pop goodness. Seems to be a complication of a lot of their singles work, but it still makes a really solid album over all. Got tons of plays in singles forms and whole album listens at our house.

Westworld: Season 1 - Selections from the HBO Series

Djawadi did such a great job with Thrones soundtrack and I was really happy to hear he was going to be handling the Westworld sound context. Once that first piano started up in the opening sequence I thought oh man this is going to be good. Then interspersed all over I start to hear this jangly western versions of No Surprises, the Stones and Black Hole Sun on the first episode.