5 Albums People Should Hear From 2016

1 minute read

I’ve been doing some form of variation of a top X albums each year since 2004. I used to do 25, then it slowly got down to 10. This year I am being uber lazy and I really only have 5 albums that I have really fallen in love with this year. They are not in any particular order, one not better than the other. All are great and worth a listen.

Anderson .Paak - Malibu

I don’t know how many times I have listened to this album so far this year. Goes all over the place musically, head bobbing the entire time. Been my go to coding music since release.

The Midnight - Endless Summer

Had this album on constant rotation at the beach all summer. So good. When Days of Thunder came out last year (or year before?) it got me into a synthpop groove, then I just fell in love with this album once it hit. This album is under apprecated even though I have seen it on a few lists. I hope it breaks out of the synthpop subculture and gets some serious mainstream playtime.

Halloween - Ruston Kelly

Album kinda came out of no where for me because it got suggested to me over Spotify. I rarely even listen to the suggestions, but the name of the album caught me. So glad I did. Parts dark, parts poetry, parts upbeat Coldroses era Adams. Very well made record and I am surprised I have not seen it mentioned more.

Goldroom - West of the West

Definte pop goodness. Seems to be a complication of a lot of their singles work, but it still makes a really solid album over all. Got tons of plays in singles forms and whole album listens at our house.

Westworld: Season 1 - Selections from the HBO Series

Djawadi did such a great job with Thrones soundtrack and I was really happy to hear he was going to be handling the Westworld sound context. Once that first piano started up in the opening sequence I thought oh man this is going to be good. Then interspersed all over I start to hear this jangly western versions of No Surprises, the Stones and Black Hole Sun on the first episode.