Things I read while I drank coffee this morning (3.26)

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Blind Bags & Bayou edition.

Louisiana’s Disappearing Coast

Amazing research for this article. I wish all long-form articles had the audio option that the New Yorker has. This article is very detailed about how Louisana’s not-so-slow-anymore erosion of land around the Mississippi. There are a few biological things that I have noticed during my lifetime (i.e., the disappearance of bugs) I am pretty sure that had I grown up in the delta that the sheer amount of land lost would be properly evident. One thing that I found interesting from this article is the details of the physical simulations that they use for modeling and prediction. I would have thought (hoped?) that we would be able to better model via software at this point.

Also, if you wonder how much water actually flows through the area, it is absolutly crazy how big the basin is.

The volcanic islands of Hawaii have an unusual feature, where fresh water flows down through the volcanic tubes into the ocean. “There’s actually places offshore where freshwater will be flowing,” said Lipo. “Fishermen will know you could scoop water right from this spot in the ocean and it will be fresh.”

Scientists think they’ve solved one mystery of Easter Island’s statues

Another solid natural/human science article on the Easter Islands but touches on a few other islands in the Pacific, including Hawaii.

How YouTube is changing toys

For the most part, my kids have moved on from unboxing videos on YouTube, but I do remember a time when Ryan was always on in our house. Very interesting how both of these markets fused. Toy reviewers start to bend to the will of what toys were available and then the leverage switched when some of these channels got so large and influential.

The dopamine hit that comes with gambling / blind bags is has been around for decades (baseball cards, etc.) but there has been an emphasis recently by toy manufacturers. I think watching what happens in the digital realm might be slightly more interesting.