Here To Slay is a hit at our house

A Picture showing the base game for the Here To Slay

If all four of us are around for dinner ( and not at some sports practice ), we usually try to play a quick card game when we eat dinner at night. Here to Slay ( Unstable Games ) has been a hit at our impromptu game nights here during dinner for the last few months; that has been Unstable Unicorns with a few of the expansion packs.

For my birthday, I got a copy, and it is a little more in-depth than Unicorns, but once your playgroup has played a few rounds, it gets entertaining and becomes a quickplay; here is why:

Easy to learn: It is a relatively simple game ( although it can take some time to understand the strategy - which I consider the layer underneath just learning how to play ). It has straightforward rules that can be understood quickly ( and a little card to let you review them whenever you want ), so players can jump right in and start having fun.

Engaging gameplay: The gameplay is engaging and strategic over the course of the whole game by requiring players to make decisions and think critically about their moves. The game combines elements of luck and skill, making each unique and exciting.

Art/Graphics: The game's artwork is beautiful and hilarious, featuring a colorful cast of characters that players can't help but love. We all get a kick when someone lays down certain hero cards. The artwork adds to the game's fun and whimsical nature, making it a blast to see the artwork on the card you just drew.

Quick: ( caveat: once you play a few games ), It's nice because each game lasts only around 30 minutes. This makes it an ideal choice for game nights or casual gatherings ( or playing at dinner as we do ), as we can easily fit multiple games into a single session or try to play one game over dinner.

I can't recommend the game enough just don't go try to find the OG Kickstarter ver$$ion 👀 ) and make sure you snag the two expansion packs which add Necromancers/Berserkers and Druids/Fighters.

A Picture showing the expansion packs for the Here To Slay