Continuing on the new dinner trend

Continuing on the new dinner trend, tonight I tried the recipe for "Marry Me Chicken" from the Little Sunny Kitchen website. I admit that mine was more oily than the pic on their site, but this was because I didn't dredge/flour the chicken enough to get the excess Flour to fall off into the chicken stock when deglazing. The recipe was insanely easy, and I think the most challenging part may have just been getting the chicken up to temp ( while still browning ) and not having it get dry while I put together the sauce.

Marry Me Chicken with a slighly oily residue from the sun dried tomato oil

Also, I was in a rush and probably should have drained the sun-dried tomatoes a bit before putting them in. Although they gave the dish an oily look, they were damn delicious. I think I will add some bacon to this next time.

Marry Me chicken without the sun dried tomatoes ( and less sauce ) Marry Me Chicken with the sun dried tomatoes and lots of sauce

Great and super simple recipe.

Marry Me Chicken ( )