Assorted Links

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  1. Zildjian, the 400+ year old American company.

  2. In search of a universal distance algo to support a generic model for Nearest Neighbor Problems (of which there are tons in Computer Sci/Data Modeling).
    note: after reading this, it doesn’t sound like anything was specifically found?
    Universal Method to Sort Complex Information Found.

  3. No Benefit from Fish Oil.
    (I still supplement them because who doesn’t want those awesome 10:30 am fish burps?)

  4. 90s R&B Writers find new life in Korea and K-Pop:.

    “K-pop’s willingness to acknowledge its debts to R&B leads to an odd phenomenon for the genre’s ace writers – a feeling more familiar to American jazz musicians, who have long been valorized overseas and overlooked in their homeland. “It’s almost like you get more honor outside of your own country for what you do sometimes,” Kelly admits.”

    How American R&B Songwriters Found a New Home in K-Pop