What is AllJoyn Service in Windows 10

I have a db backup that I perform a few times a week, and it never fails that I can’t drop the db (for replacement) because it is in use somewhere. I usually open up Services and restart the SQL service, killing the connections and allowing me to then drop the db as long as I don’t get into a race with anyone.

Today I went to go restart the service and saw a service that I had never noticed before called “AllJoyn”.

I am usually pretty cognizant of what services are running (or think they are running) on my box, and I had never even heard of this one. The name just sounded quite shady, to be honest, so I started googling, and it looks relatively innocuous:

AllJoyn is a collaborative open source software framework that allows devices to communicate with other devices around them. AllJoyn framework is flexible, promotes proximal network and cloud connection is optional. A simple example would be a motion sensor letting a light bulb know no one is in the room it is lighting, so it can shut itself off.

Wikipedia: AllJoyn

So what is a linux IoT server relay doing in Windows 10?

Some pretty cool stuff it sounds like:

AllJoyn integration could be huge not just for Windows users, but for the millions of people who can’t wrap their heads around setting up smart home products. In essence, any Windows 10 device — smartphones, tablets, or PCs — could become a smart home controller. It’s similar to Apple’s HomeKit, which puts iPhones at the center of the smart home. But to be compatible with Apple’s system, manufacturers are required to include a special chip in their products. Alljoyn has no hardware at the heart of it, and as soon as Windows 10 becomes available, the turnkey solution would go from having 10 million devices included to more than a billion.

This Is Microsoft’s Big Secret Windows 10 Feature

So just a heads up if you are wondering what it is. I switched mine to manual and haven’t had any probs yet. Also some notes if you want to dev with it - Step-By-Step: Building AllJoyn Universal Windows Apps for Windows 10 Public Preview