Online Learning - Multiple Profiles at the Browser Level

Some parents now realize that multiple google accounts in the same browser instance can sometimes be a nightmare when switching between other applications that use Single Sign-on (SSO), sometimes authentication gets lost or stays from a previous user, etc. One thing that I have found is that if you move the account walling “up a level” to the actual browser instance, it makes navigating a lot easier because you are not relying on Google to keep up with the session at the site level - but instead, the browser instance takes care of it. So no more dropdown google account switching on an app, you use the web like usual for each student in a separate google instance.

For example, I have my work instance and my personal instance on my computer:

The multiple profiles don’t have to be a google account either, so you can just do a generic “child 1” and “child 2” if you want. Or have one for your kid that they use when on a machine and another for when you are using it.

They are easy to set up in Chrome:

At the top right, click Profile Profile -> Click Add Choose a name and a photo

At this point, you can switch which one is active in the browser itself, or what I like to do is to create multiple taskbar launch icons for each account. Chrome’s icon will change to whomever picture it is, and you can just click to launch Child 1 or Child 2s instance.

To do this use the profile switch on the icon in the quick launch bar:

change the launch exe to : “C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe” –profile-directory=”Default”

and switch “Default” out with whichever profile name you created.

Much easier to separate for Google’s SSO bridge between learning apps, and each instance now has its own history, favorites, logs, etc.