Expensive Hotels and YouTube Blackholes

So my typical night after my wife and kids go to bed is me playing video games until about 11 and then retreating to YouTube to catch up on all the channels I subscribe too. Sometimes there isn’t much content or one video will lead to the next and I will get lost in one of YouTube’s blackholes. As I venture forth into these black holes I like to give them names: ’90s SNL Blackhole’, ‘Aquarium Aquascaping Blackhole’, ‘The Graham Norton Blackhole’ (lol, and you know he would laugh too), ‘Trick Football Play Blackhole’ and my most recent favorite the ‘Self Reliance Blackhole’. The Self Reliance Blackhole started with me subscribing to My Self Reliance which is a channel I love, which was only found because I subscribed to Primitive Technology (another excellent channel) and it was suggested to me (yay, for algorithms that work). Both are excellent channels, but I had a nexus recently - a suggested video and a need from the real world.

Next fall, UGA will be playing Notre Dame in my birthplace, the utopian city of Athens. We usually try to go to 2 games a year, and we typically sell our tickets for the big, big games, but having Notre Dame inside Sanford stadium is going to be such a rare occurrence that I am determined to go. The problem is that hotels are insane right now, and I am pretty sure that this game will be a night game. At minimum a 3:30 game. It’s not a terrible drive back from Athens to where we live north of Atlanta, but its a pain when traffic gets out of a game and 50,000+ people get on the road coming out of Athens on really only four major roadways. So friends and I started looking into hotels knowing they were going to be expensive.

So it seems that for that weekend:

if you do the math on that last one, you might even be better off renting an apartment for six months and just staying in it those two weekends.

In joking around with my friends I mentioned instead of renting an apartment for six months, I should instead just purchase a Porthole van and convince my lovely wife to sleep in it for the one Saturday night. Party all we want in the Classic City and then wait for the coast to be clear and crawl into the back of our 70s porthole van and sleep until Sunday morning. I am sure Athens-Clarke County’s finest are going to have other problems that night and won’t bother anyone in an amazingly cool van. I even went so far as to conduct a Twitter poll to gather intel.

So these two stories meet because I was in the Self Reliance blackhole the other night and this ship flies by:

Now, this guy has got it down — dampeners on the windows, Xbox, guitar, nice furniture setup. This is how to do it.

So what if you could somehow commercialize renting these bad boys? I mean go crazy with the awesome desert watercolors on the sides and rent them out for one night stays at the customer’s parking lot of choice. I think this could be a valid biz concept. Like Airbnb crossed with Turo and cheap cologne.